Who and where?

Realizing the need for good missionary training that is easily and freely available to Christians all over the world, Henry and Betsy Vermont founded and started work on Didasko Missions Academy in 2016. Didasko is a truly multi-national ministry, having members and volunteers from a number of countries. The organization is registered in the US state of Ohio.

Our objective is to equip

Didasko Missions Academy’s ultimate goal is to help bring the gospel to the unreached peoples of the world, those who have not yet had an opportunity to hear the good news. Our objective is to help develop more effective workers for God's Kingdom - no matter what role they play, at home or abroad.

High quality training

We deeply believe that training should be worthwhile and relevant, or else we would be wasting people’s time. Therefore, our courses don't just cover a lot of irrelevant theory, but are practically-oriented, and are taught by instructors with personal relevant ministry experience - people who have "been there".

Free missions training

Because we feel strongly that it is important that all Christians should have the opportunity to learn more about the topic of missions, we decided to make all our courses free. That is, totally free, with no strings or advertisements attached. Once you complete a course, you can generate a digitally signed certificate that you can print.

Get a feel for how our courses work

While many people do the courses online as individuals, we would like to encourage you to find some like-minded Christians, and do the courses together as a group if you can. After each video there are discussion questions you can talk about, and these are designed to help you engage deeply with the material being taught. Because the courses are all self-paced, some groups agree to watch, say six videos through the week on their own, then get together over the weekend and discuss the questions.

Learn in a group or independently