Material developed by Didasko Academy are copyrighted, but available to all to freely use and copy. See full explanation below.

This is because all Didasko content is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike Licence (CC-BY-SA). This means that not only is the content free of charge, it gives anyone the legal freedom to use, redistribute, translate and adapt the content without restriction. The only two conditions for this freedom are that the original creator of the work be attributed and that whatever is created from the original work be released under the same licence.

Attribution: Give honour where honour is due.

Share-alike: Freely you have received, freely give.

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The openness of our copyright makes collaboration with churches and other organizations possible. Whatever we develop is available to them for free, providing their derivatives are kept under the same licence. When they develop their own material, we encourage them to put it under the CC-BY-SA licence too, so that others can also use their material.

In 2Cor 11:8, Paul wrote this: "I robbed other churches by receiving support from them so that I could serve you!" Jesus said, "Freely you have received, freely give" (Mat 10:8b)

The Christian Commons: Creative commons for ministry (free book)

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