Yes, we'd love to do this. There are a few conditions, though:

  • Your course should be about intercultural ministry-related topics, especially with a focus on UPGs, and church planting, e.g. CPM / DMM.
  • Your course must be licensed under the Creative Commons license, to guarantee that it is free and will remain free. This means that you keep the copyright, but allow others free use under the Creative Commons license, as we do with our courses.
  • The course should ideally be "asynchronous", which means that anyone can enroll and do the course at any time. If you wish to start the course at specific times, we require that you run your course at least once every two months.
  • Your content should be very practically-oriented.
  • The course content and presentation must be of a suitable professional level. Ideally, it will be video based, but this is not a requirement.
  • The final decision whether we host your course lies with the Didasko Academy leadership.