Missionaries often have unrealistic expectations when they go to the mission field.
It can be internal expectations they put on themselves, or it could be external expectations from their home churches and from the communities they are living in.

The expectations missionaries put on themselves.

Missionaries usually have a big goal, a grand vision, because it is from God.

So, it should be big, right? But, missionaries often have unrealistic expectations of how they will achieve that vision. And if they do not have cross-cultural training, they won’t realize what it will take to complete their vision.

So what are these unrealistic expectations?

Probably the biggest two are about language learning and money. Let me explain. They would probably have unrealistic expectations of how long it will take them to learn the language and culture, and the effort it would take.

Regarding money, they might have unrealistic expectations about the challenges of fundraising and how long it would take to raise all the money they need.

Other unrealistic expectations could be of their ability to function well under constant cultural stress.
Until they’ve experienced it themselves, they won’t know how they’ll handle the stress of unfamiliar situations, or how faithful they will be in times of challenges, persecution and suffering. And they may also underestimate the extent to which Satan would try and stop them from fulfilling what God gave them to do.

So, when missionaries struggle to live up to their own expectations, they can become depressed and frustrated, even causing some of them to leave the field.

These unrealistic expectations can cause many unnecessary hardships for missionaries. So, what is the solution?

Most missionaries go to Bible schools or seminaries, but they often don’t get cross-cultural training – usually because they can’t afford it, or there is no accessible training where they are.

This is where Didasko Missions Academy can help. All our courses focus on helping missionaries to be more effective in the field, and address issues like these unrealistic expectations.

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