Would you like to re-ignite your congregation’s passion for missions? Would you like to make your church’s members more aware of what life is like for the missionaries your church is supporting? Would you like to know more on how to select missionaries to support? Would you like to help some of your people find their calling? Didasko courses can help with all of these.

Free resource for your church – no need to re-invent the wheel

Think of Didasko as a resource your church gets free of charge, almost like a book. A super-charged book!

The advantage of Didasko courses over a book is that people can do the courses alone or together, and they can have online interaction with other students and missionaries worldwide. They can earn digitally-signed course certificates once they’ve worked through and understood the material.

This means that you don’t have to work out any missions training! Use as much or as little of our material as you like. We can train your own people to facilitate our courses at your church using our online facilitator’s course.

Which courses should people start with?

Here is a good sequence of courses your people can do. They don’t have to do them all, of course, nor even complete what they started if they don’t like it. It’s all free of charge, after all.

0010 Learn how to use Didasko (1-2 hours to complete). This course helps them understand how to operate the course website.

A015 The Bible and Missions (6-9 hours to complete). This will create missions awareness and help your people understand why missions is biblical. A good course for people to do before going on a short-term missions trip.

A020 Missions 101 (10-20 hours to complete). This will give people an insight into what missionaries go through. This should make them understand your missionaries better and therefore become better supporting partners for missionaries.

A030 Roles in Missions (5-8 hours to complete). If someone is wondering what their call is, this is a good course to help them clarify it.

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Comments from students

Here are some spontaneous comments from students our course discussion forums:

About The Bible and Missions course:

Thank you for a great course that has made the Great Commission a more approachable task and made the steps practicalMW, USA (2018).

It was helpful to learn those different practical steps to start charting my journey to the UPGs. I thank God that there are already resources like these that can assist those who are committed to engage with a particular UPG” Anonymous, 2021.

About the Roles in Missions course:

Thanks for this teaching [on calling] because I never understood well about calling to be a missionary, my thoughts was in error” Esther, Botswana (2020).

I enjoyed the concept of Tabernacle to understand roles in missions. In fact it opened my eyes on lessons such as 'call of God to missions, roles in missions, leadership vision mission, goal plan resource mobilization, finance for missions, use of God given talents' etc. wonderful course!” Sundaraj, India (2020).

Thank you for this course. It gave me great clarity with regard to the different gifts needed in missions. None of us have an excuse now, we can all participate in the Great Commission” Heidi-E, South Africa (2020).

The man who plants and the man who waters have one purpose..." (1 Corinthians 3:8a). I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I was reminded again how many different callings there are, so none of us have an excuse that we are unable to be part of the Great Commission. Every one of us has something to give! I enjoyed the video on the "handful of rice" - what a truly inspiring story” Heidi-E, South Africa (2020).

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