Our courses are not only popular among new missionaries and churches, but also among long-term missionaries and missionary teams who are already on the field. Some have done courses or parts thereof as a team.

Evaluator guides

If you are a team leader, you can have a look at our course evaluator guides to see what could help inspire your team or re-ignite their passion. For example, teams have found the Strategy module of the Missions 101 course very useful to re-focus their efforts.

Remember – your team doesn’t even have to do a full course, you can “cherry pick” a video or series of videos from a course if you like.

You can download the evaluator guides here:

Preparation for visiting short-term teams

You could also require short-term teams planning to visit you to do the introductory courses. For example, if a team were to do The Bible and Missions course before coming, they’d understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. If you’d like them to have a deeper understanding of culture and challenges you face before they come, get them to do Missions 101. There they’ll learn of some of the challenges you face. Once they return home, the ones that are interested can do Roles in Missions, and who knows: the Lord may just use that course to raise up more team members for you!

Comments from experienced missionaries who did courses

We won’t use our own words any more. Have a look at some of the relevant spontaneous comments on our course discussion forums made by experienced missionaries:

On the Bible and Missions course: “I have loved this needed refreshment of my passion to 'make disciples of every nation' as, despite having been on the mission field for 2 decades, we had got into a rut and whirlwind of 'programs' which missed the basic mandate of our Lord for one-to-one self-multiplying disciple making... So simple, yet so easy to miss... Thank You Lord, and Didasko for the excellent material” Lesley, Mozambique (2020).

Missions 101 course, on Fruitful practices: “This video helped me reflect and analyze why our church-planting endeavors are slow. My wife and I prayed, knows the mother-tongue, lived a cultural lifestyle and use the Bible as our scripture in discipling the leaders. But I learned that storytelling, use of family and trust networks, and intentional reproduction are needed for fruitfulness” Eric, The Philippines (2020).

On the Missions 101 course: “We have been collaborating with Thai local church in sharing the gospel. Since we cannot speak Thai fluently, we always have our interpreter. Since watching videos and reading articles about Unreached People Group, I've realized the importance of prioritizing to learn how to fluently speak the language of the People Group. Thanking God for all the things that I am learning from this course” Nida, The Philippines (2020).

On Missions 101 Strategy Module: “I was reminded about my lapses in missions. There are a lot of things discussed here that I was not aware of as a long termer missionary. Today, I am fueled and ready to re-kick start my new journey in missions” Bengi (2020).

A team member in Indonesia wrote: “It certainly helped them [my team] to see the bigger picture. Specially the concept of starting a CPM [DMM] by having the end goal in mind – thinking multiplication instead of adding new believers. It was nice to see her eyes going open to that concept” Kristina (2020).

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