Founders' intent

The founders of Didasko's intent is to train people to be effective in making Jesus known and glorified among the nations. They believe that the greatest social injustice is that millions of people die without ever hearing the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. Our slogan "helping to develop more effective Kingdom workers" is intended to keep us and our collaborating partners focussed on the main task God has given us.


Compelled by the love and commission of Jesus and working together with the global Christian community, Didasko Missions Academy exists …

to inspire and equip Christians to evangelize and disciple the people groups that are without access to the gospel. We do this equipping by providing free and accessible training and other related services.


We aim to be a reputable source of excellent training and services covering all aspects of the task of completing the Great Commission. We provide this training free of charge, in collaboration with the global Christian community.

How we are accomplishing our purpose

Online learning

Didasko Missions Academy is accomplishing its purpose by creating an online learning community where experienced field workers present practically oriented, high-quality and well-researched courses in video format. All these courses can be taken free of charge online.

The ideal: hybrid courses

We understand the limitations of online training, but we also celebrate the advantages it brings. Therefore, we are constantly researching better ways of training adults by using a hybrid training approach. We are convinced that online training, when combined with pre-field face-to-face coaching by mature Christians then followed by on-field mentorship by experienced workers, can achieve our goals by the grace of God.

All our courses are open and freely available to any churches, organizations and individuals who share our purpose. Our prayer is that others will join us in this movement of freedom.

Phased training

Our objective is to design our courses to be done right before the information needs to be applied. For example, our Fundraising for Missionaries course is best done just before and during the process of developing partnerships. The "before" part covers topics such as the challenges fundraisers face, the biblical basis of fundraising and how to set up a multi-currency budget. The "during" part includes topics such as scheduling appointments, how to present your ministry, etc. The language courses will be split up into a before-field 'planning for language learning' course, an early-field initial language learning course, and a later 'filling in the gaps' language course.

Continuous research and development

Because the intercultural ministry landscape continuously changes, we adapt by constantly researching the latest trends and fruitful practices in the world of pioneering outreach, to make sure that our material remains fresh and relevant.